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Peter Lange is a son, husband, father, friend, sailor, author, business consultant, and high performance coach for professionals wanting to make a difference in the world. Peter's passion is helping professionals connect to their soul purpose, get paid well for living their truth, and become a Beacon to Billions™!

Blog Basics

Inspired by Mariann Williamson's quote from A Return to Love, Peter created this site to provide the following resources to help you live the life of your dreams that you've been called to create:

  1. The Powerful Beyond Measure blog provides regular updates on Peter's Soul Trekker System™ - 7 Steps to Abundantly Living Your Truth™. As new blog posts are created, the outline below will be updated with additional references. To get started, click on the link above for an overview and then dig into the links below for more details.
    1. Build a Gratitude Foundation
    2. Acknowledge Your Source / Higher Power
    3. Create Clarity on Your Vision
      1. Translate Your Vision Into Goals
      2. Become a Goal Setting Master
      3. Energize You Vision and Goals to Accelerate Manifestation
    4. Be Present to NOW
    5. Make Optimal Decision ALWAYS
    6. Align and Remove Barriers to Manifesting Your Vision
    7. Use Systems of Action to Move from Now to Your Vision
  2. Reading List - there are so many great books to help you on your journey that they have been compiled in a list of our favorites organized around the Soul Trekker System™. Check it out!
  3. Other resources are being made available to accelerate your soul purpose manifestation including:
    1. Downloadable templates
    2. Current State Assessments
    3. Online courses
    4. Coaching

Peter Lange Background

As a 15 year old, Peter started his first business remodeling houses. He hired help older than him so they could drive him to the job sites. Peter used this first business to help finance his college education. After graduating from the University of Kansas, Peter started his career working in the Space Shuttle Mission Control Center at NASA's Johnson Space Center in the Houston, TX metro, and in the evenings, Peter received his M.B.A. from the University of Houston. It was through his initial career experiences, that Peter discovered he wanted to help businesses become the best that they could be in pursuit of their vision. After decades of working with and in businesses in the pursuit of excellence, Peter is now  working with individuals to help them CONNECT to their VISION, show them how to get PAID WELL to LIVE THEIR TRUTH by bringing forth their GIFTS to the world, and show them how they can be a BEACON to BILLIONS™ in a world that needs more of the LIGHT of TRUTH!

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