What is your assessment of the current state of your life?

Mar 27, 2018

It's time to assess how you're doing with everything that I've laid out in this blog to date. It's almost the end of Q1 2018, and I've been taking you through a lot of great material to move you forward in all areas of your life. So, get out a piece of paper and get ready to rate yourself on a scale of 0-10 where zero is "There is nothing going on at all in this area of my life." and ten is "I'm a rock star and completely fulfilled in this area of my life." Keep this piece of paper in a safe place because we're going to pull it out down the road and reassess your progress in each area. I'm going to cover the seven main goal areas that I've talked about in the past. and some of those areas have sub areas. So, when we're complete you will have made 17 self assessments. Ready? Let's go.

Goal Area One - Being

This area has four sub areas.

1-Body - How are you feeling about your body on a scale of zero to ten? Does it need some work? Is it in shape?

2-Mind - Are you learning everything that you want to learn? Is your mind being expanded by the things that your engaging in or are you brain dead and not doing anything to expand your learning and knowingness?

3-Spirit - How are you feeling about your spiritual life? And I'm not necessarily talking about religion, because some people get that confused. I'm talking about your relationship to your soul, to your spirit and your creator. 

4-Emotions - We talked a lot about blockers to your success and one of the things that can be a blocker to your success in addition to the stories that you're telling yourself in your mind, is your emotions. Are there some unresolved emotions that need to be dealt with to help you move forward more swiftly towards where you want to go?

Give yourself four self assessments on those areas of your being.  

Goal Area Two - Relationships

This area has five sub areas, and I'm going to continue my numbering from 1-17

5-Significant Other - What is your relationship like with your significant other if you have one? If you don't have one and you want one, how are you doing with that goal?

6-Family - What's your relationship like with your family members? Is it all joyful or is there some friction there that needs to be resolved?

7-Friends - How are you doing in the area of friendships? Do you have good, solid friends? We talked last week about one of the key successes in life is to stay in touch with your closest friends. How are you doing on that? Are you a ten or a zero?

8-Community - How are you doing in relationship to your community? How well of a community citizen you think you are? Are you contributing to make your community a better place or are you a bystander, watching things go by?

9-World - What's your relationship like with the world in general? Do you see yourself as a global citizen, or are you acting parochially in your own self interest?

Rate yourself on those five areas of relationships.

Goal Area Three - Vocation / Mission

10-Your vocation, career or even your mission in life, how you doing on that? Are you happy to get after it every day or do you dream about a life on "Someday Isle"? I first heard that term from Dennis Waitley many, many years ago. He talked about how everybody wants to go to "Someday Isle". So, are you living on "Someday Isle" or are you doing things to move forward in your career, your vocation, your mission in life?

Goal Area Five - Financial Outcomes

11-Income - How are you doing in your salary, your wages, your commissions or if you have your own business, your revenue? Are you happy with where those numbers are at? Or are you constantly thinking about, "I should be getting paid more for what I am doing?" 

12-Investment Performance - When looking at this assessment, considered both your retirement and non retirement investments. How are those doing? Do you have all of your funds available currently invested and working for you, or is some of it sitting on the sidelines? You know a lot of people right now are moving into cash because they are worried about a downturn in the economy. But there are places you can put your money and still be making money and still be protected from a downturn in the economy. How you doing with that?

Goal Area Five - Time

13-Relationship with Time - Are you choosing time for taking care of yourself? My coach uses a metaphor of when you're on the airplane during the safety briefing and they say that if the oxygen mask comes down, put it on yourself first and then put it on others around you who may be struggling to get it on. Why is that? Because you can't take care of other people if you're starving for oxygen yourself. So, make sure you're choosing time for yourself to take care of yourself, to give yourself what you need.

Also in relationship to time, do you have a sense of peace with it or are you constantly saying, "There's not enough of it."? We all have the same amount, 24 hours a day. So, it's not about the lack of time, available, it's about your perception of your relationship with time. Remember we talked a couple weeks ago about how your perception is reality. If you don't like your relationship with time, then it's time to look at your perception of it.

Goal Area Six - Lifestyle

There are three sub areas here that we'll assess , and let's ensure you are optimizing your environment to serve you in the best way possible.

14-Home Environment - How do you like how your current home situation is set up. Do you like the place that you live? Especially, and this is going to sound funny, your bed because you spend a good portion of your life in your bed. So, if you don't have a good sleeping arrangement, do something about that. A great sleeping arrangement is one of the top areas of quick wins that you can do if you're trying to make your life better. Get your sleeping situation optimized, and you'll feel better all around.

15-Work Environment - How are you feeling about where you work? Do you get lit up by your office area or your work situation. Do you look forward to going into work? Does it build you up, make you feel better, or is it just a depressing place? 

16-Lifestyle - This area is about the things that you have in life to make life easier, like your vehicles or your personal productivity stuff. This also includes your recreation and entertainment life. How are those things doing in your life? 

Goal Area Seven - Contribution

17-Contribution - How are you giving to others? You may have heard in regard to giving away things that there's three major areas time, treasure and talent. So, take a look at that and assess yourself on an area of zero to ten in terms of your contribution. Are you giving enough away to others in terms of your time, your talents or your treasure? If you want a really simple way to rate yourself, the gold standard for giving away your treasure is 10% of everything you make. So if you look at what you make, are you giving 10% away or only 1%? If you're only giving 1% away, give yourself a one on this self assessment or whatever you feel is appropriate for how you're feeling about your contribution to others.

Adding It All Up and Taking Action

How did the numbers add up for you? At this point you should have 17 self assessments. So, add up your numbers and divide by 17 to get an average self assessment score on our scale of zero to ten. Then, note today's date next to your score so when you retake this assessment in the future you can see how far you have progressed. If you're lower than you want to be in certain areas, did you set goals to improve those areas back when we talked about goals in January? If not, what are you waiting for? Right now, write down what you are going to do to improve in each of the areas you're not happy with on this self assessment and get going on your action plan. Have a great week!

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