The 3 Step Formula for Massive, Spirit Fueled Action

Dec 18, 2019

Welcome to module 11 or 12 in the series I'm calling Ignite Your True Purpose, designed to start living the life that you are here at this time and in this place to live. In this module, we're going to focus on taking action on your path to living your true purpose on a daily basis. 

"Freely and joyously, I let right action take place in my life"

First, I'm going to start with a little reading from 365 Days of Richer Living  (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. This reading is from page 296, October 22nd.

"The law of life is a law of cooperation with all that is fine and true. Believing that life is God in action. We must accept its processes with a firm conviction that in the long run all things will work together for the good. Resistance brings contraction. Cooperation brings expansion. God's mind is already in perfect action. We cannot start it working for us. It is already trying to bring forth good by means of us. However, it does require that we accept its methods, its ideas, and its plans. Today the infinite has arranged for more good for each of us than our finite thinking can comprehend. With joy, we open our whole body of consciousness to the divine inflow. We expect this spiritual presence to be in us as an accomplishing power for demonstration. Nothing can prevent the truth from appearing in our world. For omnipotence itself is inaction at every instant."


Take a moment to explore taking action in your life and the ways that you've been blessed by taking action. How have you taken action in the past and known that you were inspired and driven by spirit? Tap into the graciousness that is showered upon you relative to action and give thanks for that. Give gratitude for that. Take a moment in your mind to do that.

Taking Action

Let's dive into talking about taking action. I'm going to share some things today with you that you might go, "Huh? What? What is he talking about?" So, I will take time to explain. But first, let's start with a little story.

You may have heard about the gentleman who wanted to win the lottery, and he wasn't having any success in his desire. He went to church, got down on his knees, and was praying, "God, please, please, please help me win the lottery."  God tired of this after a while and eventually boomed down from heaven and said, "It would help if you bought a ticket!"

The moral of this story is that you can't just think about stuff that you want to create. You have to start with your vision of what you want to create, but you also have to take action. Action is critical, and The Divine expects you to take action in the world for the good of all. However, I don't want you to walk away from this module with the impression that you just can run around and start taking action everywhere. That's not the formula for success when it comes to action. 

Areas of Action

There are four big areas of doingness or action that I want you to understand before we discuss the process for taking action.

  1. Foundational Doingness: I came up with this term because I was a little bit frustrated by the fact that things that some people were calling beingness was actually what I would call foundational doingness . In other words, you're beingness is how you show up in the world on a daily basis, the energy that you bring to the world on a daily basis, but you need to do some things to show up that way. That's what I call foundational doingness which consists of:
    1. Practice Gratitude: Are you doing that? I've talked about that in many of the modules, but are you doing it? In every module I say, "let's take a moment for gratitude." If you're not practicing gratitude on a daily basis, start now, take action there. Practicing gratitude is foundational doingness .
    2. Vision what it is that you want to create: This is a foundational doingness activity because without it, you don't create anything, right? You just don't have a vision. As the Bible says, "where there's a lack of vision, the people perish." We don't want you to perish. We want you to have vision!
    3. Meditation: I've talked about this many, many times in many of the modules, and we do meditation at the end of every module. Meditation is an important daily practice so that you can be aligned to your higher power, and you can be taking action throughout the day from that alignment through The Spirit flowing through you. But if you're not taking time to be still, as the Bible says, "be still and know that I am God", and if you're not taking that time to connect, then you're acting from within your own power not being inspired with The Spirit. So, take time to meditate every day. Meditation is a foundational doingness action that I highly encourage you to schedule time for everyday. It's up to you if you want to create an extraordinary life!
    4. Self-Care: I also highly encourage you to take care of yourself. We've talked in a previous module about the metaphor of the oxygen mask on the airplane. You've got to put it on yourself first if you're going to be healthy, whole, and able to serve others. Self-care includes things like exercise, diet, getting enough rest and continuously learning and expanding your mind.
    5. Relationships Management: take foundational doingness action to get your relationships set up in a way that they actually support you in taking massive, creative action. If you're struggling with your relationships and they're not harmonious, they're going to interrupt and interfere with you taking action in a powerful way. Hence, a core foundational doingness action is to take care of your relationships!
    6. Financial Planning and Management: We've talked about this in a previous module as well. If your finances are nagging at you all the time, you're not going to be in a powerful place to take action. Also, you're actually not going to have the financial resources to take action that you'll need sometimes. Get your financial life figured out. Go back to the module on financial goal setting. Figure that stuff out. Get it nailed down so that it supports you.
    7. Time Management: we talked about time management in a previous module too. Getting your time set up in a way that you have the perfect day laid out for you so that you create time in your day for these foundational doingness activities that will support you in taking action through the majority of your day is a foundational doingness action.
    8. Environment Management: make sure that your environment supports you. We've talked about this in a prior module too. If you don't have your relationships, your finances, your time, and your environment, your physical environment, set up in a way that supports you with a strong foundation for doingness, you're going to be distracted and you're not going to produce the best results that you can when you actually do go to take action.
  2. Vocation or career: Pretty much all of us have some kind of career or vocation or some thing that we're creating for the world and for others.
  3. Avocation / Hobby: your avocation is what you do that's not your career but a hobby,  the way that you engage in your relationships, or however you want to spend that extra time that you have developing yourself. For example, I love sailing because it stretches my mind, involves physical exercise, allows me to interact with nature in an intimate way, and allows me to invite others in to enjoy the experience with me.
  4. Contribution: How is it that you want to give back? Contribution is about paying your blessings  forward and taking all the gifts that are showered upon you, everything that you have been given, multiplying it and giving it to others.

So let me repeat the four big areas of doingness or taking actio:

  1. foundational doingness
  2. career/vocation
  3. avocation/hobbies
  4. contribution

The GPA Process for Taking Action

With the areas of action in mind, let's explore the process for taking action. So many of the gurus out there will tell you, once you decide what you're going to do, go out and take big action. You know, massive action. However, I believe that, to a certain degree, most experts and gurus out there who training people on how to take action in their lives are failing to tell you about the foundational elements that we just talked about that you need to have in place to ensure your big action is successful.

For example, relative to business, there's a statistic from the US SBA that 50% of new small businesses fail within the first five years of starting. I believe this failure rate exists because business owners out there taking big action on their idea to create a business, but they haven't set up the proper foundation.

Big action, i.e. big doingness, is the last thing that you want to do in any big area of your life like proposing to a mate, picking a career, making a job change or making any commitment that is going to take a big amount of time and energy from you. The last thing you want to do is take big action. That's the last thing.

The first thing that you want to do is start with assessing your beingness and then taking action on foundational doingness areas discussed above: ensure that your relationships, your finances, your time, and your physical environment are all set up and optimized for you to be successful.

Then you want to drop into a foundational beingness or foundational doingness area of meditation. In this meditation, I'm going to give you a little formula that I haven't shared yet, but this is the foundational doingness meditation practice for action. There are three steps which can be remembered by the acronym GPA.

  1. G = give gratitude. In Colossians 3:16 it says, "[You should] always be singing to God with gratitude in your heart." So, always start everything you do with gratitude. Also, before many of his greatest miracles, Jesus first gave thanks. (see feeding of the 5000 or the last supper passages in the New Testament)
  2. P = use the PURETM formula for whatever you want to create.
    1. P being what is it that you want in your Perfect World.
    2. U for unlimited from how and when and without limitations to space and time.
    3. R is for right now that your goals are present tense already done. 
    4. E is that you're emotionally charged with feelings of how it's going to feel when the creation is already done, because in your mind it already is.
    5. Remember in Mark 11:24 Jesus said, "Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours." This verse is what I'm talking about in the PURETM formula: envisioning it, give it up to God, and believe that it's already done, and it will be there for you.
  3. A = Ask. Ask for guidance for the next optimal action for you to take relative to whatever it is you're trying to create. In Matthew 7:7-8 it says, "Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks, receives the one who seeks, finds and the one who knocks, the door will be open." So that's all you have to do is ask, knock, seek, and it will be given to you. In your meditations, you're going to get a download about the next optimal action. If you want, like we talked about in the last module, double check the downloaded next optimal action from your meditation with some truth testing techniques to make sure that you're really grounded in that next optimal action. 

Taking Action

Now that you've done that GPA process of gratitudePURETM formula and asking, and you get an answer, now it's time to act! Now it's time to take massive action on the grounded in truth answer that you have received.

You can also apply this GPA approach to small things in your life. When you get good at it, the whole process can be done in a matter of seconds: gratitude, pure vision of it, ask for optimal action. It's as quick as that and it will be given to you. You can really get good at this and cycle through the GPA process for the small things and for the big things in your life.

To repeat one more time, the GPA approach to action taking is first gratitude, second use of the PURETM formula for what is that you want to create, and the last thing is to ask for the the next optimal action. Then do it.

One thing that you can add to the ask part of this formula I'm giving you today is to ask a modified version of the question Gary Keller lays out in his book The One Thing (Amazon Associates link).  "What is the one thing that I could do relative to this goal or goal area that makes all other actions relative to this is goal or goal area easier or, more importantly, unnecessary." What is the one thing that you can do that makes everything else easier or unnecessary? That's an important question to ask The Divine for an answer to. When you get an answer, then go take massive action on that one thing.

When you get good at this GPA cycle of gratitudePURETM formula and ask, then your life of action really becomes a series of GPA cycles, gratitudePURETM formula and ask, and just repeat that cycle over and over again until your goals are accomplished or exceeded. Then, set new goals!

Module 11 Action Steps

  1. You should already have your goals created from modules 5 through 8. If not, go back to those modules and work through your goals in all areas. Now it's time to take action. So, execute the GPA steps for each of your goals.
  2. Do the one thing that you identified for each goal area as soon as possible.
  3. Repeat actions one and two until you have fully exceeded your goals or achieved them. 
  4. Set new goals once those are done.

Module 11 Resources

  1. Recommended Reading / Blog Posts
    1. BOOK: 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker 
    2. BOOK: The One Thing (Amazon Associates link) by Gary Keller
    3. BLOG: A Secret About Gratitude 
    4. BLOG: Smart is not PURETM - The PURETM formula for Goal Setting 
  2. Recommended Resources
    1. Go here for an 88% discount on the mini-course "Discover Your True Purpose Formula"
    2. Go here for a 90% discount on the mini-course "The 9-to-5 Escape Plan System"
    3. Go here to sign up for a Free True Purpose Strategy Coaching Session

Module 11 Guided Meditation

[NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 16 minutes and 50 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]

Let's drop into meditation. Let's relax. Let's tune into your body. Let's tune into your breath.

In this meditation I'm going to run you through the GPA formula that I laid out in this module. I want you to come back to this meditation as many times as necessary to achieve your goals.

Let's start out with gratitude. Just be in a place of gratitude and peace for all that you have for all that you've been given. Get grounded in that gratitude, that connection to your higher power, that Thanksgiving.

Now what is it that you want to create or take action on and what would that thing look like in your perfect world? In other words, what is your aspirational goal? Get that in your mind now.

Okay? And then U for unlimited from how and when? From space and time limitations? How could that aspirational goal show up in time and space in an unlimited way? Visualize that.

R is for right now, visualize that goal in the present tense as already done. See it in your mind's eye as already done, and as you see it as already done. Remember, E is for emotionally charged with feelings. What are the feelings that you're going to have and you have now in this meditation as you see that goal already done in the present?

Take a moment to let that really sink in ... those feelings of this thing that you want to create in your life. What does it feel like having it already done in your life now?

Good. Now, ask for guidance from your higher power of what is the next optimal action and ideally an action that is the one thing that you could do relative to this goal or goal area that makes all other actions easier or, more importantly, unnecessary? Ask for that guidance now.

Great. Remember what you have learned in this meditation. When we're done here, write it down and take action. Massive action.

Now come back to your body and sense your breath. Come back to the present and when you're ready, open your eyes.

I trust this meditation was insightful and helpful. Come back to it as many times as you'd like to really get clear on the actions that you need to take relative to what you're creating in this lifetime. I'll see you in the next module.


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