SMART is not PURE when it comes to goals!

Dec 17, 2018

Last week I outlined a new approach to goal setting which in summary is to focus on WHAT you want to create and forget about the HOW and the WHEN. When you let go of the HOW and the WHEN of the WHAT you want to create, you in essence are letting go of space-time constraints. Letting go of space-time constraints opens up the possibility of manifesting what you want MUCH, MUCH SOONER and potentially in a BIGGER way than you ever imagined.

I also said last week that I understand that this approach does not conform to the SMART goals formula that many of us are familiar with. So, this week, I want to take these thoughts deeper and give you a new prescription to transform your goal setting for 2019 and make 2019 even better than 2018.


First, let’s focus on why the SMART goal setting prescription doesn’t always work. To review, SMART stands for writing goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely or Timebound

Specific and Measurable are the WHAT of the goals. Achievable, Realistic, and Timely are the HOW and the WHEN of the goals. FOCUSING on the HOW and the WHEN of our goals, limits us to cause and effect thinking and processing. If we are are going to manifest our goals faster and potentially in bigger ways than we can imagine through engaging the quantum energetic possibilities of the present moment, then we need to let go of the HOW and WHEN.

But if we are going to let go of the HOW and the WHEN when creating goals, what do we replace them with?

Positive, Present, Done!

The new goal setting prescription recognizes that the past and the future do not exist – only the present moment. So, our goal statements are optimally stated in the present tense as already done.

Also, the new goal setting prescription recognizes that our thoughts affect our present reality. So, our goals, which are just our thoughts of WHAT we want to create, are optimally stated with positive emotions. There are many studies that show us that the mind cannot distinguish between our actual current circumstances and our thoughts and/or emotions of what we believe to be real.

So, emotionally POSITIVE, PRESENT tense, already DONE goal statements are the first step in manifesting WHAT you want to create. What are we going to call this new goal setting prescription?


I propose PURETM where:

  1. P stands for Perfect World, meaning in your perfect world without limitations, what do you want to create in detail?
  2. U stands for unlimited relative to when and how much, meaning you are open to when the specifics manifest in time and space.
  3. R stands for Right Now, meaning the goal is stated in present tense as already done.
  4. E stands for Emotionally Charged, meaning that the details of how you FEEL when this goal is achieved are included in the goal statement.

For example, a SMART goal might be written as:

"I will lose 30 pounds by July through 30 minutes of daily, aerobic exercise."

While a PURETM goal version of this intention would be written as:

"I’m ecstatic that I easily lost more than 30 pounds much faster than I thought possible. My NEW body makes me feel energized, alive, and actively available for myself and others at all times and under all circumstances."

Do you see how the SMART goal does not seem inviting compared to the PURETM goal? Which one would get you motivated in the morning?

If you need help in transitioning from a space-time mindset to a quantum mindset for goal setting, then it is OK to include a target date as long as you include the words “or sooner”. Similarly, quantities can be stated along with the words “more” or “less” as appropriate.

Make it PURE for 2019!

I invite you to relook at your goals and move them from SMART to PURETM for 2019. If you don’t have written goals yet, then you can create them PURE from the start. Then read your PURETM goals every morning to activate the energetic world around you and literally pull your goal outcomes towards you. We’ll cover that process in a future post. For now, have a great week!

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