The Black Box Revealed! Systems of Action!

Feb 07, 2018

We finally made it to step seven of Manifesting Your Soul Purpose SystemTM, and the black box is revealed! It's Systems of Action. The system builds up from Building a Gratitude Foundation to Acknowledge Source, and as we talked about last week, all the things that you need to develop around your beingness to get yourself grounded in order to even take action. The problem with most people is they get into the doingness, the doing, doing, doing, and they don't focus on getting the beingness right first.

A while back we talked about how beingness is more important than doingness, and the Soul Purpose System reflects that fact. Steps one through six are all about your beingness, getting that in order so that you can be effective with the doingness, or the Systems of Action.

This Systems of Action black box that I'm revealing today is deep and wide. In future posts, we'll dive in on many of these Systems of Action, but for now let's cover the basics.

Beingness Systems of Action

First there's some systems of action for beingness. What do we mean by that? For spiritual development, there are systems for strengthening your connection to your source or higher power and raising your level of consciousness, and we'll go deep on those details.

For mental development, there's obviously lots of systems for learning, and we're going to introduce you to some that you might not have traditionally thought of.

In terms of physical health, there are many systems for optimum health all over the place. The internet is flooded with all kinds of diet, workouts and stuff like that, and we'll share with you our experience on what we've found to be optimal.

In terms of managing your time, which we all have the same 24 hours per day, there are great systems for getting the most out of each day. Again, we'll share with you some of the ones that we have found to be most effective.

Work and Play Environments' Systems of Action

In terms of your environment, for work and play we want to set your environment up to be ideal. We'll share with you some systems for creating the ideal environment for work and play no matter where you are so you can be effective all the time, even when you're traveling.

Finance and Investing Systems of Action

In terms of finances and investing, this is a big topic. We want to spend some time in this area talking about Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom. Some of you may be wondering who is Robert Kiyosaki? He wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and then he went on to write a number of other books. He's been a very successful author, publisher and investor.

The Cash Flow Quadrant in a nutshell starts with you being an employee, which most of us start out as at some point, and then you move into being self-employed, having your own job, and then a business owner where you start to set up systems that work for you in a business. Then as an investor, you're going to set up systems where your money works for you. That's ideally where you want to be so that you can have financial independence.

What is financial independence? Finanical Independence is the ability to wake up every day and decide what you're going to do that day and not be locked into something that you feel like you have to do. From an investment perspective, we'll look at some investment classes that you may have never even known about, much less considered.

When we dive into finances and investing, we want to talk about our belief that retirement is really no longer a worthy goal. Many people die soon after they retire because they've lost their reason for living. So, whether you want to work because it's part of your vision or you really don't want to work at all, financial independence is the new goal that we all want to strive for. We'll talk a lot about that when we dive into the details.

There's a progression as you move from employee, to self-employed, to business owner, to investor. Note that you can be doing multiple quadrants at the same time. A lot of us are employees or self-employed business owners, that are also investors, but a true investor is somebody that's doing that full time.

"Expert You" Systems of Action

As you move from the E quadrant to the S quadrant, one great way to do that is through developing your personal brand. In other words, you are an expert in life in the areas that you've pursued up to this point in time. You may not consider yourself an expert or think you have any unique knowledge to share with the world, but we bet we could help you find it! So, keep looking at that for yourself and where it is that you know something about something that nobody else does that you could look at sharing in a way that you could monetize it.

Whether that's through speaking or books or consulting or coaching, there's something you have to share with the world that's of value. We'll dive into some of the systems around this topic that can help you take that knowledge and create a business out of it. How does that sound?

Business Management Systems of Action

Finally, as you start to move from employee to self-employed to business owner, you're obviously going to need a lot of business tools to get the systems of business up and working for you, Things like marketing and sales and legal and accounting and finance and operations and building a power team around you so that you're not doing everything. There's lots of things we've learned along the way that we want to share and lots of systems that you can set up to make that transition, if that's something that's appealing to you, a lot easier.

Check out the New Reading List!

All right, that's what we have to say about Systems of Action for this week. One more thing we want to share with you is that we've added a reading list to the site. We've organized the books under the general categories of Beingness and Doingness related topics, and we'll continue to add to this list as we find books that we sense will expand your universe. So enjoy diving into the reading list. We'll be back next week to share more with you.

PS - Last week I gave you this quote "The greatest form of worship to our creator is to take each moment with every movement and every thought and boldly engage life as a prayer.", and I asked you to comment if you knew who it was from. Did you guess it? I didn't think so. That is actually a quote that I wrote down in 1990 after a couple hour meditation. One of the best meditations of my life. Very insightful! Enjoy!

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