The Secret of Space and Time

Nov 20, 2019

Welcome to module 7 of 12 in what I'm calling, Ignite Your True Purpose, designed to help you start living the life that you are here to live at this time and in this place, to truly live. In this module, we're going to look at the secret of space and time and the implication of the secret on your path to living your true purpose on a daily basis.

I Am Free to Express All That God Is

Before we begin, as always, I'm going to read a little reading from 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. On this reading, it starts off, "I am free to express all that God is. Ye, everyone that has thirsted come to ye to the waters and he that hath no money come ye buy and eat, ye come buy wine and milk without money and without price." That's from Isaiah 55 verse 1 then it goes on to say...

"In the realm of mind, there are no limitations save which are self-imposed. In our everyday living, we seem bound by time, space, and money. Often, our health limits are living freely, or our hurts and pride keep us from pleasant experiences. Isaiah, like other biblical teachers, reveals to us the freedom of the spirit. He tells us that there is a way of living mentally where we are unbound, unfettered, and free. This is the same teaching which Jesus gave us in his concept of the kingdom of heaven as being possible here on earth for those who will think rightly and aspire greatly. Freedom begins and ends in our consciousness. As we turn in thought to the unlimited possibilities of what we are in God, we begin to be freed from the limitations of matter and material laws. This must be done mentally, and we who love God, do it and prove that freedom is a reality."

Love this stuff! 

Gratitude and PURE Goals

Today we're going to, work on goals around time and space, and whenever we sit down and contemplate our vision and our goals, we start with gratitude.

So, what are you grateful for that you have the time in your life to do? And what are you grateful for in your environment? Now your environment is everything around you, where you live, your community, your home, your mode of transportation, the energy, the light, and the space in which you work and live. What are you grateful for? We're also going to also look at what can you upgrade in your relationship with time and space.

Also, when we make our goals, we want to make them PURETM.

P for a PERFECT WORLD, what is your aspirational goal?

U for UNLIMITED from how and when, from space and time limitations. 

R is for RIGHT NOW that your goals are right now present tense, already done,

E is for EMOTIONALLY CHARGED with feelings that are how you're going to feel when the goal is already done.

Jesus  said, "whenever you pray, believe that you have it and you will."  Jesus knew PURETM too; i.e. when you see it as already done in your prayer, in your thought and you believe it, then it is done. We're also going to talk in this module about faith a little bit and how that plays into the whole PURETM formula or the law of mind.

The Secret of Time and Space

Albert Einstein, the greatest  mind of relativity of time and space, is quoted as saying "time is an illusion". He was probably on the forefront of science starting to understand space and time. I said that this is a module is about relationships. We all have relationships with time and space.

We have certain ways that we think about time and space. Most believe that they are dimensions that limit what can be done, and what we can do and have. Do they really exist at all, or are they an illusion as Albert Einstein said? Do we all live in the same space and have the same amount of time every day or are some of us better than others at tuning into the space-time continuum's relative nature to our advantage?

I've heard it said over and over and over again by many people that we all have the same amount of time every day. Well, in a Newtonian perspective that's true, but from a relative Einsteinium perspective that may not be true. Some of us may be able to bend time and space to our advantage.

The really weird thing that quantum physics is now showing us and proving scientifically is that space, having three dimensions, and linear time as we've traditionally been taught to know them and the Newtonian model of of the universe, do not exist. Here is an article that explains this in detail. There are some very good experiments going on now that seem to indicate and are fairly well believed by a lot of people in the scientific community , that space and time only exist to the extent that we collectively, through our thoughts, co-create space and time.

I know some of you are going, "Really Peter? Come on!" Well, what are the practical implications if this is true? If time and space are really an illusion and time and space only exist based upon thought, the #1 thing to know and explain is that what we have come to know in our human experience as space and time is created by a primary thinker. There's a primary thought that emanates from God, who created the space, time continuum as a place for our spirits and our souls to create and express and evolve and experience. So, even if I don't believe that space and time are an illusion, if I think they are real, then God can still be creating as the primary thinker, the primary mover, the space-time continuum in which we hang out and play.

But here's the cool implication #2, when we are playing in this space-time continuum that God is moment by moment thinking into existence, we can also tap into the space-time relative nature and create things from our own thought. In fact, I believe it's this relative nature of space-time that allowed Jesus to actually perform miracles. Because he got it. He got that the space-time is an illusion, and like Jesus, I can create anything in the space-time continuum that I want if I believe it's true.

In fact, Jesus told us this in John 14:12, "Very truly, I tell you who ever believes in me will do the works that I have been doing and they will do even greater things than these." Jesus gave us the formula; he led us to the door.

However, here's the hardest part. Jesus also told us that we had to have faith in this process. Whenever Jesus healed somebody (Matthew 9:22, Mark 5:34, Mark 10:52, and Luke 8:48, Luke 18:42), he didn't say, "I healed you." He said, "Your faith has healed you." And so he told us whatever we believe we can manifest. So, actually what people thought were miracles of Jesus were not. He was just a catalyst for the person being healed to believe that they were whole and complete in this space-time continuum, and they were healed by their faith.

How do we develop faith?

I know I'm throwing a lot of heavy stuff at you today, but hang with me. If we can create whatever we want, but we have to have faith that it can be created, how do we develop our faith to tap into the unlimited possibilities for our lives and for the world really? Well, go back to module one and the #1 secret to living your true purpose: it all starts with having alignment with our higher power and the source of all that is via meditation.

In module 11 we're going to talk about daily habits, but one of the daily habits that I believe has to be nurtured and developed in all of us is meditation as a connection to our higher power. Because this is the place where all things are created. When we get out of the space-time continuum and allow ourselves to connect to our higher power and speak what we want to bring into existence in our lives, it's from that place that we create.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has an incredible story of this belief in play in present time. In he in his 20s he was a triathlete. He was in a competition on the bike portion of the triathlon, and he came around a curve on the course and was hit by a car at about 55 miles an hour, flew off the bike, landed on his back, and broke his back in multiple places. Well, the cool part is for him, he was a chiropractor. So he knew how the back was built and constructed, and he decided to heal himself as he was laying in the hospital bed. At first, he couldn't move because if he did his broken bones would pierce his spine. So he had to stay really still, but he decided that he was going to reconstruct his spine through his thought. And over a period of months he visualized and prayed, essentially, to have his spine go back into place and heal. And he did exactly that. Today he's out teaching the world what he did, how he did it, and helping people elevate their consciousness to the belief that whatever you believe is possible can be. It can happen.

Dr, Dizpenza teaches through meditation that you can go to this place of no space and no time to what he calls the quantum field of all possibilities. If you are not familiar with the term, quantum is loosely a new physics term to describe that place where through our thought we bring things into existence. Well, I happen to agree with him and I believe that it is from this place of no space and no time in the quantum field of all possibilities that we can create seeming miracles. But we have to believe we can first!

Upgrading Your Relationship to Space and Time

Until we have developed our faith to the level of, let's call it a space-time bender, if you will, there are practical things that we can do to improve our relationship with space and time. First you can look at your day relative to time and meditate on how do you want your optimal day to work? How do you want your thoughts to control your relationship with time as opposed to things just happening to you?

At the same thing with your space and your environment: what can you upgrade? It can be something really simple in your environment that shifts the energy of that environment to make it positive: a place for you to hang out.

For example, relative to meditation, one of the recommendations I tell everybody is to find a place in space that you can go to every day and develop this habit of meditation. I have a place in my office where there is a chair I call "the peace chair". Whenever I sit in this chair, I feel this enormous sense of peace wash over me. That's where I meditate and that's what that chair is for. It has a very specific purpose in my environment, and it serves me well. See if you can create that kind of place in your space.

Just remember that you only get what you asked for. Jesus said this many, many times too, but is probably most famously said as "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, knock in the door will be opened." (Matthew 7:7) So, whatever it is that you can conceive and believe as true for you, it will happen. It may not happen in space-time as fast as you want, but it still will happen if you believe it and you have the faith that it will happen.

Module 7 Actions Steps

  1. Take action to upgrade your relationship with time. Meditate on your optimal daily schedule and see it as done, and then take action to make that happen. I want to reinforce here that there's power in meditation, and I want you to develop that habit to create the things in your life. However, after the meditation, you also have to take action.
  2. Take action to upgrade your relationship with space and your environment. Meditate on your optimal environment. What does it look like? How does it feel? What is the energy of the place? And then take action to upgrade your space.
  3. Meditate on your understanding of space-time. The meditation below in this module is on the possibility that space-time is an illusion that is co-created moment by moment between all of us and God. So, it can be anything you can imagine, if you believe it!

Module 7 Resources

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    5. BOOK: The Miracle Power of Your Mind (Amazon Associates link) by Joseph Murphy
    6. BOOK: You are the Placebo (Amazon Associates link) by Dr. Joe Dispenza
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Module 7 Guided Meditation

[NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 15 minutes and 28 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]

All right, take a breath. Let's relax. Sit back in your chair. Get ready for the guided meditation for this module. Take a deep breath. Tune into your body.

Now calm down your mind. Tune into your body.

Now Imagine yourself, your spirit, your soul floating free from your body.

Now, as you float free from your body, imagine yourself in a place of no space, a complete and total void  of nothingness.

What do you sense in this space of nothingness?

Let go of any thoughts of the past.

Let go of any thoughts of the future.

And visit yourself in a place of no time. Just isness.

What do you sense in this no space, no time experience?

What is possible if space and time really are an illusion that you can create through your thoughts to experience in any way you choose? What do you sense is possible?

Take some mental notes now. What are you sensing is possible without the limitation of space and time, and you have traditionally known it? Take those mental notes now. And when we're done here, write down those mental notes and take action on them.

Now come back to your body. Come back to the now. Sense your breath. When you're ready, open your eyes.

And remember, go write down those things that you sense are possible for you if you're not limited by space and time. Have a great week. Practice this and we'll see you in the next module.

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