How do you value your time?

May 31, 2018

How do you value time in your life? Are you maximizing your time to bring your gifts to the world and thrive in all areas of your life?

Today, we’re going to talk about your most precious asset – TIME. I must confess that my relationship with time has had it’s ups and downs. I used to think I never had enough of it, but then my coach reminded me that we all have the same amount of it. If that is true, then how come so many people get so much done in life and create so much value for the world while others struggle? What I’ve found is that successful people have learned how to VALUE their time properly and CHOOSE how they spend their time in ways that maximizes their impact in the world and their outcomes in every area of their life. Let’s take a closer look at some perspectives on time value to give you some things to think about in your own life and your relationship to time.

Money and Life Time Value Dimensions

There are two dimension of time value - money and life!

Let’s start by looking at two separate dimensions of time value. You’ve probably heard the phrase “time is money”. This is comes to play in your vocation and in your investments. For today’s purposes, when I am talking about time and money, I’m only talking about how your active time in your vocation translates to money, I’m not talking about not investments. So, the first dimension is how you choose time to create MONEY VALUE. The second dimension is how you choose time to create LIFE VALUE. Notice that in both of these time value dimension descriptions I’m using the word “CHOOSE” instead of the more common term of “TAKE” related to time. Let’s be clear – you are not TAKING time when you decide what to do in the present moment. You are CHOOSING either consciously or subconsciously what you do every single waking moment. So, let’s make sure you are CHOOSING your time wisely relative to MONEY and LIFE VALUE.

Money and Life Time Value Quadrant Plus

All activities can be placed along the time value axis of money and life to show you where you get both high monay and life value activies. Beware of the negative time, money, and life wasteland!

To help you out in choosing your time wisely, I've built out the MONEY and LIFE dimensions of TIME VALUE on the slide above and have provided some examples. First, let's focus on the MONEY and LIFE dimensions in a quadrant of high and low value.

  1. In the high life-low money value portion of the quadrant, we see things like relationships, eating well, exercise, personal development, and some books and movies. Why do I say some books and movies? Because honestly, most of them are complete trash. 
  2. In the low life-low money value portion of the quadrant, we see things like accounting, bookkeeping, and chores. This is my perception, of course. Some of you may find accounting or bookkeeping your true passion in life. I don't know. But for me, these items are low value in terms of they don't produce money for me, and I don't particularly get a lot of life joy out of them. So, I put them in the low life-low money value portion of the quadrant.
  3. In the low life-high money value portion of the quadrant, we see things like your job, if you're not excited about it. It brings you money, but it doesn't really bring you a lot of life. Marketing and sales, for me, are activities that bring me money, but I don't particularly enjoy them at a joyous level. It's not my passion in life, but I know they are optimal activities relative to my business.
  4. So, what's in the high life-high money portion of the quadrant? Well, of course, it's what this blog is all about -living your true or sole purpose and getting paid well to do it. If you can create a business around what you truly love and are passionate about, then you've hit the bullseye! You're living your passion, living your truth, bringing your gifts to the world, and getting paid well to do it! That's the ultimate of time well chosen!
  5. There are negative value sides of these two axes, as well. What shows up here is what I call the Life, Money, and Time Wasteland. It's where things like most, if not all news lives, most books and movies, addictions, and all escapisms. These are things that really take away or have a negative impact on both the LIFE and MONEY value dimensions of your TIME, and it sucks the life out of you. 

So where are you spending your time? I trust that this post has brought some value to you this week, and I want you to go off and think about these concepts because next week, we're going to come back and take the next step - how do we look at time and measure time in a way that really enlivens us and allows us to live in that high life-high money quadrant, where you've hit the bullseye, you're living your passion, and you're getting paid well to do it? Have a great week!

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