Tips for Getting out of Bed on the RIGHT Side!

Jul 11, 2018

This week I want to talk about great ways to start your day! I was talking with my Mastermind group last week, and we were discussing ways to start your day that really bring energy to your day and make it a successful day. You know there is a saying in our culture about "getting out of bed on the wrong side", and today I want to talk about "getting out of bed on the right side". So let's dive in!

First of all, let's talk about things NOT to do right when you wake up. Don't check your email. Don't check your social media. Don't turn on the TV news. Don't even turn on the radio, and especially don't read your "to do list" because the morning needs to be dedicated to improving your BEINGNESS not your DOINGNESS. Let's focus on things that improve our BEINGNESS first thing of the day.


First thing when you wake up is connect to your higher power, your source, whatever that is for you and say a prayer. Say a prayer of gratitude just for another day for opening your eyes, another day of being alive to experience this great planet that we live on, all the relationships that we have, and all the fun that we get to have on a daily basis! Gratitude is in order right out the gate. 

Express Gratitude

Gratitude is the key to abundance and all things good. If you are not having a good day, stop whatever you're doing, sit down, grab a piece of paper, and write down three to five things that you're grateful for, and those few minutes of gratitude will totally turn your day around. You can use this technique in the morning to start your day right. Just journal (use a digital journal or a written journal) whatever it is that you're grateful for, and that will help get your spirit and your emotions tuned in for a fantastic day.

Meditate and Clear

The next part of your BEINGNESS is your mind. How do you stimulate your mind and get it going? First, start by clearing your mind through meditation. If you practice meditation already, great! If you don't, it's not that hard. There's plenty of guidance out there on the internet and plenty of books on how to meditate. Put simply, meditation is shutting down all the thoughts in your mind and opening up to what the universe has to tell you. Try some meditation to clear out your mind.

Fill-up with Goodness

Then once you're clear and you're focused, start filling your mind back up with good things like your goals. Review your goals for the month, for the quarter, for the year, for the next 20-year vision that you have. Make sure that you're starting your day with those goals in mind aligned to what it is that you're trying to achieve. Then secondly, do some journaling around your goals and the things that are important to you. Then thirdly, maybe do some inspirational reading. Check out the BEINGNESS portion of the Reading List on this site for a list of my favorite inspirational books.

Now, I'm not saying do all of these things because not all things appeal to everybody. I'm saying find the things that work for you, and do them over and over again everyday.

So, you're getting up with gratitude. You're doing some meditation to clear your mind and then you start filling it up with some good stuff, your goals, some inspirational reading, some journaling or visualization about what you want to create.

Move Your Body

Then finally, the last aspect of your being is your physicalness. Spend a little time on your physicalness in the morning. Give yourself some good food. I am doing a shake now every morning of really good stuff to get me going with the right energetic input. Get some exercise whatever that means to you whether that's walking, running, riding a bike, lifting weights, however it is that you move your body. For example, I have a good friend of mine whose favorite way to move his body is through dance. If that's your thing, go dancing in the morning and get your blood flowing. Find what is optimal for you.


Start your day on the RIGHT side of the bed instead of the wrong side of the bed. Do that by:

  1. Not turning on any negative stuff like the news, social media, email, or your to do list.
  2. Connect to source.
  3. Express gratitude.
  4. Clear your mind, meditate.
  5. Fill yourself up with good stuff like your goals.
  6. Do some inspirational reading.
  7. Put some good fuel in your body to get the day started right.
  8. Move your body.

I trust that these tips will get you out of bed on the RIGHT side, and we'll see you next week!

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