The Essence of the Soul Purpose System

Feb 14, 2018


I'm super excited for today's blog post, because it's going to be a summary of everything I've been talking about for the last three months, and we're going to add some new layers to the Manifesting Your Soul Purpose SystemTM. Let's do a quick review, and then we'll add in some new layers.

Soul Purpose SystemTM Review

If you remember, back at the very beginning, I said, you're in a place called NOW that's undeniable, you're in the present, but there's a place that you want to go, a vision that you have for your future, and the challenge is how do you get there? I laid out seven steps to help you understand how to get from here and now to where you want to be.

  1. The first step is building a Gratitude Foundation, and I said without gratitude, it's hard to move forward, because if you're waking up every day not grateful, not in a good mood, it's very difficult to move forward.
  2. Starting with a Gratitude Foundation, I said the next step would be to Acknowledge Source or your higher power from which all life flows.
  3. From there, start to Create Clarity of Vision for your future that's guided from source.
  4. Once you have that vision, then you want to Connect and Be Present Now, because now is the only place you can take action from. If you're worried about the future, or dwelling on the past, you can't move forward, and so connecting to your Source or Higher Power and being present is the way to move forward.
  5. Next, I said that there needs to be a framework for Intuiting Optimal Decisions. There are some big decisions in your life that you want to get right, or it can send you down a path that may take decades to get off of if it's the wrong path. Again, making optimal decisions is connecting to your higher power and asking for guidance.
  6. Then I said the key at this point is to Align and Remove Barriers to progress, whether those are stories that you have about being not good enough or feelings that hold you back, and then getting those out of your system, the stories and feelings, so that you can start to take action.
  7. Once you have your BEINGNESS grounded, then we can apply Systems of Action to move forward and get from where we are to where we want to be.

I trust that all makes sense.

Soul Purpose SystemTM Layers

Now, let's start to add some additional layers. On the top is your Source or Higher Power, and on the bottom is the Gratitude Foundation. There are a few layers in between. Right under the Source or Higher Power is what I'm calling your BEINGNESS. This is your soul, your spirit, that which makes up you outside of your body. Remember, I said we're 99% energy, and our interaction with the world is our DOINGNESS. There's BEINGNESS and this DOINGNESS in between our higher power and the Gratitude Foundation that we've built. Because we're 99% energy, let's add that energy component in here. There's a flow of energy from your Source or Higher Power to your spirit BEINGNESS, that allows you to be who you are. From that grounded BEINGNESS, then you can start to take action in your DOINGNESS, and as you produce results, you have gratitude. When you have gratitude for everything that's in your life, you're now connected back from your gratitude to your Source or Higher Power, and you've completed the energetic circuit, and things start to flow for you in your life. I trust that this makes sense.

Soul Purpose SystemTM Simplified

Now I'm going to simplify the model even more, so that you only have four things to remember, maybe five. First, gratitude on the bottom, and Source or Higher Power on top. Then you come into the world as BEINGNESS. At some point, you engage with the world through your DOINGNESS. The relative size of BEINGNESS and DOINGNESS is important here because your BEINGNESS is much more important than your DOINGNESS. You are well served to get your BEINGNESS right in order for your DOINGNESS to be effective. Finally, there's the energetic cycle that was introduced in the previous section. In other words, when you're grateful to your Source or Higher Power, you establish a positive feedback loop that helps you continue to expand and grow in power and consciousness throughout your life. Make sense?

Soul Purpose SystemTM in Action Throughout Life

Let's see how this system evolves and changes throughout life. You come into the world as this little ball of BEINGNESS and DOINGNESS, initially disconnected from each other. Your BEINGNESS or spirit is present and wrapped in a body that allows you to begin to sense physical reality. I like to call the body your spirit vessel that carries you through life in this world. In this state, you are really just starting to connect to the world, doing your thing, being taken care of, getting your diapers changed, eating, and taking care of your basic needs.

But at some point, your BEINGNESS begins to grow in awareness, and it begins to direct your DOINGNESS. At this state of your evolution, you're walking, talking, starting to name things around you, knowing your own name. These are all part of your growth.

Then at some point along the way, you become aware that there is a Source or Higher Power that created all that you see around you and sense through your spirit vessel. You become aware that energy flows from your higher power in ways that allow you to sense the miracle of creation all around you. As you see all this miraculousness, you have a desire to express gratitude. When you do express gratitude, something really magical happens.

As you express gratitude towards your Source or Higher Power, you establish a positive feedback loop that helps you to continue to expand and grow in power and consciousness throughout your life. Now, as great as this personal evolution sounds so far, it doesn't always flow this smoothly, and there can be some small or very large bumps along the way. The circle in the middle of the image is your light of the world being shone out like a beacon, but sometimes that light can be dimmed.

Something happens to you, and you lose your gratitude. Maybe you're in a state of neutrality, and you just don't care anymore. Maybe you just want to survive on courage, and your gratitude fades away. At that point, the energy circuit to your higher power is broken.

If things start to devolve too far, at some point you may even give up on a belief in a source or a higher power. At this point, maybe you just have pride in yourself, or maybe you're angry, or you have some desire or fears. You're caught in your own BEINGNESS and DOINGNESS with no connection to your source or higher power.

This can further devolve, and your BEINGNESS can shrink if you can't find a way to reconnect. You can spiral down into depths of grief, apathy, guilt, and shame. At this point, some people just check out, and their BEINGNESS is disconnected from their DOINGNESS in a way that they are really no longer present in the world. They seem completely not here. If there's no one around to love them or fight for them, these spirits will completely check out of this existence, and that's a sad day. But if there are people around you, that care for you, family and/or friends, you will survive.

Something is said or done that allows your BEINGNESS to wake up, and reconnect to your DOINGNESS. If you know the 12-step programs all around the world, the first step is to admit that you're powerless over whatever it is that's happening to you in your life, and your life has become unmanageable. You believe that you have a Source or Higher Power that's greater than yourself that could restore you to sanity, so at this point you have some courage to move forward, and that Source or Higher Power is reconnected to you.

Maybe you heal enough to acknowledge your Source or Higher Power once again, and then the graces begin to flow. You start to have willingness and acceptance for your situation, and you start to apply reason. Steps three through seven in 12-steps are when you make a decision to turn your life around, and turn it over to your Source or Higher Power to give you guidance. You've searched and you've made an inventory of your BEINGNESS, and you admitted to yourself, and to other human beings of where you've done wrong, and gone off the track. But you're ready at this point to accept all that is in front of you, and you ask your Source or Higher Power to give you strength and guidance.

At this point, your gratitude returns, and you've reconnected the positive feedback loop of energy that flows from your Source or Higher Power through your BEINGNESS to your DOINGNESS, and you continue to expand and grow in power and consciousness. You start to experience love and joy. These are steps eight through eleven in the 12-step process. You've made a list of people that maybe you harmed along the way, and you make amends to them. You continue to take a personal inventory of how you can become stronger and love more, and you've sought through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with your Source or Higher Power, praying for guidance, and that you'll be given the strength to carry on and be the best person that you can be.

Then, at that point, you are so grateful to your Source or Higher Power that the positive feedback loop is emboldened, and you have a sense of peace and enlightenment that you experience continually. You've had a spiritual awakening as a result of all the work that you've done, and you want to then carry what you've learned out to the world, and become a Beacon to BillionsTM of people.

I trust that this message today speaks to many of you. I'm looking forward to continuing on with this blog as we break down this simple model and give you ways to move forward and grow in strength, power, and consciousness in your life, to become the best that you can be, and become a Beacon to BillionsTM.

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