The #1 Secret To Living Your Soul Purpose

Oct 09, 2019

Hey, welcome back to my blog for those of you that have been around for a while. Also, since my last post, I know a number of you are new to the blog, so welcome! I took the summer off from the blog to work on some projects, work with coaching people, and work on developing some new material. What I found along the way is that many people are still struggling with this question of "what is my soul purpose, and why am I here in the first place?" This finding is prompting me to develop a series of 12 blog posts or trainings throughout the fourth quarter of 2019. These trainings are going to take you step by step through answering theses questions of purpose and also help you build a plan for your life and living out your soul purpose. So, that's my intention with the next 12 posts as we work through October, November, December. 

The #1 Secret to Living Your Soul Purpose

Before we go any further, let me tell you the #1 secret to living your soul purpose - stay aligned to your Higher Power. That's it! Sounds simple, but for most of us it's hard or we make it hard by our daily choices. So, this 12 week series I'm calling "Ignite Your Soul Purpose" is designed to help you make the daily choices necessary to stay aligned to your Higher Power and start living the life that you are here at this time and at this place to live. I call it Ignite Your Soul Purpose because that's what we want to do here: get you excited about living your soul purpose and living a life that lights you up.

My Request to You

My request to you is to stick in there, read the posts, and do the work. I'm going to have action steps for you to address in each module, and I'm going to have some guided meditations to support you on your journey. These are  things that you can do to work yourself through a process where at the end of it you should be totally lined up for 2020 and ready to really live your soul purpose.

God Never Makes a Mistake! You are Important!

With that said, I want to start off with a reading from the book by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker called 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon Associate link). The passage from page 279 is super powerful!

"It is easy to discredit ourselves, indulge in self-criticism, and walk through life thinking we are unimportant. But we forget one thing - God never makes a mistake. Infinite Mind can only create people with value to themselves and to the world. Not one of us is unimportant. The smallest and the least-heard instrument of a symphonic orchestra is vitally important at the time it is used. Its music gives meaning and import to the entire ensemble. The universe suffers a sense of incompleteness whenever we indulge in self-condemnation. God made us to be important channels through which His mind thinks and His love acts. Each of us has a definite and vital part to play in the whole life and love of this world. A unique and valuable contribution to the good of all seeks to express through us, and as we know this, we become valuable expressions of life.

"I am important to God, for His intelligence created me and works through me, and God never makes a mistake. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. My present work, environment, and context are my opportunity to prove my spiritual worth. I rise in the dignity of my divine heritage and walk in this world as a son [or daughter] of God. Today, I give love and creative thought to all I meet, and to all with whom I associate. I am a center through which God gives ... [to all creation], and I know this and appreciate this. I have faith in myself and in my fellow [humans]. I express in unique ways the gift of life, the power of thought, and the holiness of love. I am important to God and necessary to man."

Challenges to Living Your Soul Purpose

I hope that little reading sounds great to you, but I know many of you are already squirming inside wanting to object because of the challenges life has dealt you. Maybe it's things like you're on a career path or what I call a career train, and it's draining your life. It's not making you the money you want. It's not what you expected from your life. It's not paying you what you think you're worth. Maybe you feel that. But it's hard to get off the train because you're somewhat addicted to that paycheck, and you have bills to pay and commitments to attend to.

Or maybe it's bad relationships, and you don't know how to get out of them. Or maybe your health is not optimal, and you're struggling physically to make it through each day. Or maybe you never seem to have enough time or money or fun.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge that you were made for more, but you're not sure where to start. You just need a spark to ignite your soul.

Alignment, Abundance, and Living Your Soul Purpose

As we get started on this journey, it's important to understand that we all make life harder than it needs to be. There's really only one thing you need to be or do to have infinite love, joy, and peace in your life, and that is to stay aligned to your higher power

The first important point of staying aligned to our higher power is we experience infinite abundance. Jesus said in John 10:10, "I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly." Why then would we not believe that abundance is ours?

The second point of aligned to our higher power is we allow our soul purpose to unfold into the present, to bring out our gifts and talents to the world. There's a couple of stories from the Bible that are meaningful here. One is from Matthew 21 where Jesus wanted to have something to eat, but the fig tree nearby wasn't bearing any fruit, and he cursed the tree because it wasn't living up to its purpose. Then the other one that I love is the Parable of Talents where the master gives 3 servants talents of money, and expects them to go out and make good investments with it. However, one of the servants just buries his talents in the ground. What Jesus said, the master said to that servant was, "You wicked and slothful servant. You didn't take what I gave you and make something of it."

That's what this blog is about, and that's what all these 12 modules are all about - getting in touch with what are your talents, what are your gifts, what are you here to bring to the world, and then bringing it. Really, you're going to feel so great when you're actually getting in touch with that and living out what you're really here to do.

My Story and Mission

You see, my story was like many of you. When I was born, I wasn't handed a formula for success. So, I looked around me and asked, "Well, what's the formula for success?" You all probably know this one. The standard formula for success is to go to school, get good grades, get a good job, and then climb the career ladder and retire. That's what we're trained in school. That's what we're taught. But for so many of us, that's an unfulfilling formula for success. I was always feeling out of time, out of money, and out of shape throughout my whole being. I was searching for more. I was wanting more for me and my family. I knew deep down that I was made for more, and I was made for more to bring something to this world.

I sensed that my life was pointing the way if I would just listen. So when I finally got quiet, and I listened and trusted, it was clear to me what I'm here to do. Let me read you my mission statement. It may not make total sense right upfront, but I'll be explaining it as we move forward in these modules.

My mission is to be a paragon of peace, a teacher of truth, and a beacon to billions by leading myself and you and others to wake up to our soul purpose, to embody our true power, and to live, laugh, and play in love, joy, light, and peace.

I don't know how that sounds to you, but it's really meaningful to me. We'll walk through some of these points because I think you'll see they apply to many of us as we go throughout these 12 modules.

Two Primary Focuses of These Training Modules

There are two primary focuses that I'm going to cover in these 12 modules.

The first primary focus is a seven-step formula I've come up with for living your soul purpose, and it can be summarized really in four bullet points.

  1. One is being in alignment with your higher power. We already talked about that.
  2. Number two is expressing unceasing gratitude for your life, and I'll talk to you about how gratitude is really a light switch that turns on the power of God in your life.
  3. Number three is being clear on why you're here and being confident in why you're here.
  4. Number four is executing your doingness in life with intentionality.

We'll dive deep into each one of these areas.

The second primary focus that I'm going to be doing go as I go through the seven-step process above with you is I'm going to be doing guided meditations. I was asked recently on a podcast interview, "What is the one thing that you do every day that really makes a difference?" My answer was meditation. It is the one thing that makes all the difference when you get quiet and get still and listen to God speaking to you in the quiet.

Next Lesson

The next lesson is going to be on mindset and beliefs, and it's important that we start this journey with a shared understanding of the key beliefs that will make a transformational difference in your life. For example:

  1. We only have one real task in life. There's nothing to get, and nowhere to go. We are soul trekkers on a journey of becoming our soul purpose.
  2. Your soul purpose is in your life story. It has been messaging you all along, and I'll give you some examples of that.
  3. We are all powerful creators in God's image.
  4. We can access truth instantaneously and make optimal decisions for our life once we know how.

We'll go over these and many other key beliefs in the next module.

Module 1 Actions Steps

For this module, there are two action steps.

  1. CONTEMPLATE & JOURNAL - Until you start the next module, and maybe longer, take five minutes or so each day to write down your thoughts on what your life has been urging and telling you to be and do, but you're afraid to listen. Also, what do you sense are your biggest challenges to living your soul purpose currently? Take time each day to think about these points, and journal/write down your thoughts. We'll be covering two points throughout the next modules as we move forward.
  2. ASK - Take a minimum of two minutes, more preferably, every day to close your eyes, and with a pure intention, ask your higher power to lead you, to show you, and to guide you to your soul purpose. If you can do that, you'll be amazed at the things will start to happen in your life and the people you'll meet and the things that will come your way if you just ask. Remember, Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given to you. Knock, and the door will be open." So just ask to be led, to be guided, to be shown to your true purpose.

Module 1 Resources

In each module, I'm going to have some recommended resources, some recommended reading, and some recommended prior blog posts that you can reference if you want to dig deeper.

  1. Recommended Reading / Blog Posts
    1. BOOK: The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey (Amazon Associate link)
    2. BOOK: 365 Days of Richer Living by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker (Amazon Associate link)
    3. BLOG: The Simplified Soul Purpose System - this is a simplified overview of the 7 step process mentioned in this module.
    4. BLOG: Finding Your Soul Purpose Through Your Story - this is a high level overview of the mini-course recommended below and will help you to begin to understand your soul purpose through the lens of your life story.
    5. BLOG: What is the assessment of the current state of your life? - this is a simple series of questions to help you be honest about where you are currently at on you soul trek.
    6. BLOG: The Basics of Meditation ... - some quick tips on meditation.
  2. Recommended Resources
    1. Go here for an 88% discount on the mini-course "Discover Your True Purpose Formula"
    2. Go here for a 90% discount on the mini-course "The 9-to-5 Escape Plan System"
    3. Go here to sign up for a Free True Purpose Strategy Coaching Session

Module 1 Guided Meditation 

Let's finish with a guided meditation. [NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 12 minutes and 12 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]

So, breathe and relax. Let's take a few minutes here to let the messages of this module sink in. Let go of the challenges of today and the thoughts of the moment. Tune into your breath. Take a moment to let the following statement sink into your being: God never makes a mistake. Infinite mind can only create people with value to themselves and to the world. Not one of us is unimportant. I am important. Let that sink in.

How does it make you feel? Anxious? Lied to? Peaceful? Accept whatever comes up. Take a mental note now of what you're feeling, and then when your done meditating, you can write that down. Let it sink in. God does not make mistakes. I am important. As we bring this meditation in this module to a close, give yourself permission to expand into your soul purpose. That's it. Remember to take time throughout the day to stop, to breathe and to contemplate your true purpose, and it will be revealed to you if you take the time to listen. We'll see you in the next module.

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