Beingness is More Important Than Doingness

Nov 05, 2019

Welcome to module 5 of 12 in this series I'm calling Ignite Tour True Purpose designed to help you start living your life, that you are here to live at this time and in this place and truly live it. In this module, we're going to examine the four areas of beingness goals so that you can start living your true purpose on a daily basis from a place of beingness instead of doingness, and we'll talk about what that means.

"God is the health of my body, the inspiration of my mind, and the good of my universe"

First, I want to start with another reading from 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. Incredible book. Here is a link for you to pick it up. If there's one book that I would recommend for you to get really get your mind wrapped around living a better life, this is the one book. So, pick it up if you don't have a copy. For today's reading, I'm going to read from page 299.

"We believe in the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience, and omniaction of God as mind, life, truth, and beauty. Therefore, all that we are or ever shall be is part of this universal being. Our health is God in action. Our consciousness is mind in action. Our good is the manifestation of spirit. If we believe this, then it becomes our experience, for the law of mind produces it. Disease falls away from the person who's thinking in godlike terms. Confusion melts from the thought of him whose mind is stayed on God. The universe becomes a friendly, creative atmosphere to all who love the good and live rightly with their fellow man. Thousands have proven the truth in this way of life. The healed, the inspired, and the successful bear witness to this truth we love, for the law is impersonal. It works for all who cooperate with it. We now blend with all that is God, and the demonstrations of good appear."

Again, love this book. So many great sayings and thoughts, but let's dig into what's behind that little reading today.

Beingness is More Important than Doingness

You might be thinking, "What is this thing you're talking about, Peter, called beingness? I don't get it." Well, little story for you. I didn't get it either. When I first started working with a coach, I was having a lot of problems in my life. I signed up, got into my first session, and I said, "Okay, what are we going to do?" Her first words were, "We're not going to do anything. We're going to focus on your beingness." I'm like, "What are you talking about, my beingness? I'm a man of action. Let's go do something." She said, "Nope, we're going to focus on your beingness." Over the proceeding weeks, we did just that. We focused on my beingness, my level of consciousness and where I was blocked in my being so that I could be a better person for when it was time for doingness.

What I learned is that until you get your beingness clear, you can't really be present and be the best that you can be in the realm of doingness. You've got to get the beingness right first!

Goals and Gratitude

In this module and the coming modules, we're going to be working on goals. Whenever we sit down and focus on our goals, we want to start from a place of gratitude. Today we're focused on spirit, mind, body, and emotions. Take a moment and think about what are you grateful for in those areas of your beingness. There's got to be some great things. Most of us are not happy with everything that we are in some dimension, but what are you grateful for? There's got to be something. Look for it. Write it down. Remember that exercise of gratitude? Every day, be writing down stuff that you're grateful for. I'm grateful that I can breathe, that I am alive. You know? Just be grateful for that if there's nothing else.

Four Areas of Beingness

Spiritual Beingness

First of all is the spirit, and this is the most important aspect of beingness, hopefully for obvious reasons, but remember in module 1 we said that the #1 secret to living life with true purpose is being aligned to your higher power - having that spiritual, that soulful part of your beingness connected to The Source of all that is.

There is a measure of consciousness that Dr. David Hawkins came up with. You can read about this in his book Power Versus Force (Amazon Associates link). When I sat back and looked at what he did, and he would probably agree with this if he was still with us, the level of consciousness is really a measure of your alignment to God. That's all it is. It's just a measure of alignment.

Dr. David Hawkins came up with 17 different levels of consciousness from shame on the low end to enlightenment on the high end. He put it on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 1,000 with 1,000 being the highest level of enlightenment. However, he also noted that along the scale at 200 there's a tipping point between life-consuming ways of being and life-enhancing ways of being in consciousness. Consciousness can be at any level, whether it's an individual, a group, a society, or the world. We can actually measure this, and we're going to go over in a future module how we can actually measure consciousness. For now, just know that we can measure it.

Fortunately for us, the global consciousness is just over 200, so we're just in the realm of life-enhancing consciousness on the planet. It wasn't always that way. It's only been recently that the world has moved over the level of 200. If you are a student of history, you know that much of history has been about life-consuming activities and lots of death and killing. It just hasn't been a great place for most of the history of the world, but now recently the global consciousness is in a life-enhancing mode. Actually, the world has never been a safer place to be. Now, does that mean that there aren't issues in the world? No, of course not. There are still things that we need to tackle like disease and hunger and poverty, and those things are being addressed. One of the ways that I personally, in my true purpose mission, want to address those issues is by teaching people about level of consciousness and how your level of consciousness actually affects your wealth and your health and your standard of living.

There are people even in the darkest places of the world who understand this and are able to rise out of the situation that they're in because they are aligned and they're tapped into their higher power. That's really the core of my message and everything that I do. In the meditation for this module, we're going to go over these 17 levels of consciousness so that you can get a sense for where you are at on the scale of consciousness. So, when we go through the meditation, tune in, and sense what it is for you; i.e. where do you feel like your level of consciousness is?

Mind Beingness

The second level of beingness I want to talk about today is mind. The law of mind says that you are what you think about all day long. You may have heard a little bit of that in the reading earlier. This concept of the law of mind is extensively covered in many, many books.

It was once called the secret, and there's even a movie by that name that talks about this concept. If more people understood that their world was created from their thoughts, we'd live in a totally different world. Here's the exciting part. People are starting to get this. It's part of why people like myself are out there preaching this and bringing it to people, to get people aligned to this idea that we create our world through our thoughts. At first glance, a lot of people look at that and go, "Oh, that's crazy. You know, the world is not like that," but we'll go into this aspect over the future modules. My goal by the end is that you're aligned to this belief that you create your own reality through your thoughts.

Here's the challenging part: your experiences is co-created with God and with all other people. Sometimes it looks like your thoughts aren't having the impact that you would like them to have, but you got to stick with the belief and persevere to the end. Many people are familiar with Think and Grow Rich: probably one of the most famous books written on this idea, that our thoughts create our reality. I think the one missing component, Napoleon Hill gets into it a little bit, but it's your thoughts plus your emotions. We'll go into that some more too, but that's the missing component in a lot of people's lives: emotions. They think they can think their way out of it, but deep down, their emotions are not aligned to their thoughts. You've got to be heart/emotion and mind/thought aligned to spirit to make it all work. That's another little secret here on the law of mind. 

Body Beingness

We're going to look at the mind-body connection too. This is the third component of beingness: your body and the health of your physical vessel for your spirit in this lifetime. How are your thoughts affecting your body? You know, take a moment to think about what do you want to heal in your body. Maybe you have some chronic disease. Maybe you have some weight issues. Check out a book called You Can Heal Your Life (Amazon Associates link) by Louise Hay. She had cancer, healed herself of cancer decades ago and just died this past year. After healing herself, Louise went on to live a very long life and teach people about this idea that your thoughts affect your body and your health. 

In thinking about this law of mind and actually applying it in the world, you might be saying, "Can I really affect what's going on in my world?" believe it or not, one of the easiest areas that you can use the law of mind is on your own body. The reason for that is you control your body directly. You don't have to interact with other people's thoughts about your own body. Some people may have negative thoughts about you, but, you can interact with your body directly. I thought when I first learned this concept that I would try it out. At one point, I had cholesterol over 200, I had hypothyroidism, and I was a little bit over my ideal body weight. I started meditating and getting aligned to that thoughts that I have perfect cholesterol levels in my body, that my thyroid is perfectly functioning, and that my weight is my ideal body weight. It took time, but over the course of a couple years, I kept improving.

I go into the doctor every year for my physical, and I get my blood panel, and you could see my markers getting better over time. Then, last year I went in, and all of my blood markers were in range and my body weight was where it needed to be! It was great to see that I could actually apply this law of mind to my body and make it respond and be the body that I want it to be. It's an incredible thing!

Emotional Beingness

The fourth area of your beingness, and I said this was really important, is your emotions and your feelings. Your emotion and feelings are really a reflection of your level of consciousness or your alignment with your higher power. Psalm 23:4 says, "Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me."

When you can get aligned to your higher power and really believe that there is no evil when you are walking with God, and you achieve that level of consciousness, then there's only peace throughout all of your days. Nothing can rock your boat, and it's a really great place to be! Now, I'm living more and more in that space, but it doesn't mean I don't get knocked occasionally. It's a process, and it's a practice, and it's a lifelong thing to continue to be in alignment, to continue to be in peace. You see, as I said before, your emotions can either be life-consuming or life-enhancing. The cool thing is you get to choose through your persistent thoughts. For example, life-consuming emotions can be things like humility, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, cravings, hate, and scorn, where life-enhancing types of emotions can be things like affirmation, trust, optimism, understanding, reverence, serenity, and bliss.

Which ones do you choose to be affecting your spirit, your body, your emotions, and your whole beingness? You get to choose these things on a daily basis.

Module 5 Action Step

Meditate on your beingness goals. Write them down and review them daily until they're part of your unconscious competence so that they just become part of your being.


What is your level of consciousness? Where do you want it to be in 12 months?

We're going to do a meditation below to help you get started on this action step.  Remember I said earlier there are 17 levels of consciousness, and we're going to go through them from the bottom to the top. What I'd ask you to do in this meditation is to see which level of consciousness resonates with you the most, meaning which one you feel like, "Yes, that's where I'm at." That's the goal of this meditation, is to tune into these words and say, "I'm at that level."

Don't make it right or wrong. It just is. Wherever you're at on the scale of consciousness, through doing this work, you're going to elevate it. The goal, really, in life, remember module 1, the #1 secret to living your true purpose is being aligned to your higher power. That alignment to the higher power is really enlightenment. Focus on the words below in this meditation. See where you're aligned. See what resonates for you.


What do you want to allow into your mind to expand your beingness? What flows of information do you want to turn on (positive input like daily goal review, inspirational readings or learning something new) and/or turn off (negative input like the news)?


What are the health issues that have right now that can be healed with right thinking and alignment of emotions?


What life consuming emotions are affecting your life that you want to let go of so that you can be at peace?

Module 5 Resources

  1. Recommended Reading / Blog Posts
    1. BOOK: 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker 
    2. BOOK: Becoming Supernatural (Amazon Associates link) by Dr. Joe Dispenza
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    4. BOOK: You are the Placebo (Amazon Associates link)
    5. BOOK: You can Heal your Life (Amazon Associates link) by Louise Hay
    6. BOOK: Absolutely Effortless Prosperity (Amazon Associates link) by Bijon
    7. BOOK: Power vs Force (Amazon Associates link) by Dr. David R. Hawkins
    8. BOOK: Think and Grow Rich (Amazon Associates link) by Napoleon Hill
    9. BOOK: The Science of Mind (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes
    10. BOOK: Thoughts are Things (Amazon Associates link) by Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid
    11. BOOK: The Miracle Power of Your Mind (Amazon Associates link) by Joseph Murphy
    12. BLOG: How to Translate Your Vision Into Goals
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Module 5 Guided Meditation

[NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 13 minutes and 53 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]


Relax. Let the worries of the day go. Take a deep breath, align to the light, and listen to these words, and see what's true for you. Starting at the bottom,

Level 1 = Shame

Level 2 = Guilt

Level 3 = Apathy

Level 4 = Grief

Level 5 = Fear

Level 6 = Desire

Level 7 = Anger

Level 8 = Pride.

Those first eight levels were the life-consuming levels. Now we're going to move into life-enhancing levels of consciousness. 

Level 9 = Courage

Level 10 = Neutrality

Level 11 = Willingness

Level 12 = Acceptance

Level 13 = Reason

Level 14 = Love

Level 15 = Joy

Level 16 = Peace

Level 17 = Enlightenment

What resonates true for you in this list of levels of consciousness? Tune in, see where you are, see where are you might want to be as a goal, and stay tuned for the future modules because what we're going to do is to work on this process of consciousness raising, getting aligned to our higher power so that we can be enlightened in this lifetime, be the person that we're here to be, live the life that we're here to live, and give our gifts to the world. See you in the next module.

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