2 Secrets to Making the Right Decision 100% of The Time

Dec 08, 2019

Welcome to Module 10 of 12 in this series I'm calling Ignite Your True Purpose. It's designed to help you start living the life that you're here at this time and in this place to truly live. In today's module, we're going to talk about two secrets to making the right decision 100% of the time.

I Make Right Decisions

But before we begin, as always, I've got a quick reading for you from 365 Days of Richer Living  (Amazon Associates link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. This one's great, from February 9th. It's titled: "I make right decisions, for the judgment of God within me tells me what to do and when to do it."

"People come to the doors of professional consultants with the query, "What shall I do about this?" Apparently, we have lost the knack of finding the answers to our questions from our own inner resources. Yet the prophets of every faith have told us of the inner capacity born of God to set ourselves straight and to know what to do. The quandaries of the human mind are amazing in their complexities and the wisdom of the divine mind is amazing in its simplicities. God, in the midst of us, knows what to do and is seeking to impel us toward the right decisions. Whenever we do not know what to do and when to do it, we turn to that one in the midst of us and affirm its capacity to give us the clue. Infinite wisdom never fails to respond to the receptive mind and the loving heart. Divine ideas appear in our consciousness and we make right decisions with ease."

Boom! When you embody the message above, that's what this module is about.


Before we dive into making optimal decisions, we always want to  start with gratitude. What are you grateful for relative to your current decision making abilities?  Tap into the graciousness that's showered upon you relative to your intuition and making right decisions, and give great gratitude for that.

The 2 Secrets to Making the Right Decision 100% of The Time

There are two tools that we can use to really tap into our truth and make the right decisions 100% of the time. Remember, what module #1 was about: the number one secret to living your true purpose is to be aligned to God. This module is in alignment with that module in the sense that both tools are based on you being aligned to God in order to be aligned to truth and know the right answers for whatever questions are challenging you in life.

#1 - Ego is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

The first tool is about understanding ego's role in pointing you to the truth, and you might say, "What's ego's got to do with the truth?" We, in this culture and in this society, have been taught that ego's a bad thing. "Ego is the opposite of truth" is what some people believe. There's a contemporary book called "Ego is the Enemy." In fact, I was reading the book review on Amazon, and it said about the book's author, "One of the world's foremost thinkers and writers on ancient philosophy and its place in everyday life." I don't know about you, but I don't want ancient philosophy. I want some solid, contemporary thinking that's aligned to truth, and so, "Is ego a pointer to your truth?" is the question.

In one of the masterminds in which I participate, our retreat leader posed a similar question to whether or not ego is actually a friend instead of our enemy. As we dug into this concept together in the group, all types of interesting metaphors started to emerge including "ego's a friend", "ego's a guide", "ego's like a little child that wants to be satisfied right now", and "we need to tap into that child and see what it's asking for." The bottom line is that we all agreed that ego should not be resisted. Instead, once we embrace ego like we would a crying child and hold it close to us, ego will tell us what it wants. The funny thing is ego always, always wants what is best for us. I mean, I think that's how it was designed: to point us to our truth.

However, we haven't learned how to interpret what ego is telling us because we look at the surface of what ego wants instead of what's behind what ego wants. We've been trained to think ego is the enemy, and we stay away from what it wants. We've been told ego is going to lead you astray or down a wrong path. But, if we really focus on what it wants, not the surface things like drugs, alcohol, overindulgence, crazy stuff, and when we ask why is it that it wants these things, ego reveals the real desire like connection and love. That's what ego really wants, just like a child.

The number one tool you can use to find your truth is to notice what ego is telling you and then look for what's behind the message of what ego is saying. What does it really want for you?

#2 - Truth Testing

The second tool is what I have come to call "Truth Testing". You may hear this technique I'm going to describe in the world of kinesiology and in other related areas as "muscle testing". However, I think muscle testing is a weird term because people think, "Oh, muscle testing, what's that?" But when you hear "truth testing", you might think, "Okay, we're going to test for truth." Now, how do we test for truth? Well, we use the muscles in our body.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, "There is more wisdom in your body than in our deepest philosophies." He was right on in saying that. Currently, about 25% of the world is tuned into this idea that that muscle testing/truth testing works, the way that it works is true, and the number of people that believe this are growing.

If you're not familiar with idea, if you're not tuned into muscle testing for determining truth, then I want to review it for you right here today in this module, and we'll talk about how it actually works.

Be Grounded in the Oneness of Everything

First of all, it is optimal to be grounded in the belief that "we are all one." Remember the metaphor I gave you many modules back that "reality is like the ocean." God is the ocean. We are the waves on top. We're all one with God. We're all part of the same ocean. Because we're all part of the same oneness, that is, how things are designed and made up, we're all connected. We're all tapped in to the truth of God. We just, as we explained in the last module, have a lot of blockages in the way of us being tapped into that truth. However, since God can only be truth, then anything that is true and aligned with the truth of God makes us strong in our muscles. Hence, when we're aligned to God, and we don't have any blockages, we are strong. Conversely, anything that is false that throws us out of alignment with truth and God makes us weak in our muscles, and we are not strong. We literally get weak in our muscles. Knowing this, we can tap into this knowingness of our bodies of truth versus falsehood to determine what's right, what's the right path for us.

Keys to Accurate Truth Testing 

There are a few keys to doing this and tapping into this universal database of truth.

  1. The first thing is we don't ask questions, we make statements because questions are too ambiguous. We want to make a statement, and then test that statement for truth.
  2. The test statements must be statements about the past or about the present. You can't test statements about the future because, as we've discussed in other modules, the future is the quantum field of all possibilities. It hasn't happened yet, at least on this time, space dimension. So, we can't ask questions about the future, but we can certainly ask about the past and the present. We can test statements about the best thing for us to do in the present that might lead to the future, but we can't test statements about the future.
  3. Truth testing works best if the tester and the subject are aligned. Truth testing can be done with one person or two people. If you're doing it with two people, those two people need to be aligned and there's a process for determining whether there's alignment between those two people.
  4. Because it's using our bodies, our physical bodies and our muscles, truth testing doesn't work well if you're tired, you're not well-fed, or you're dehydrated. So if you're going to do truth testing using your body, make sure you're well rested, make sure you're alert, make sure you're not on alcohol or excessive caffeine, and you're hydrated, so that you're really tuned into your true body and not a chemically enhanced version of your body.

Methods of Truth Testing

Now, as I said, there are two ways to do it.

  1. If you have two people, you can have one person hold out their arm, and then the other person can ask the statement to be tested and press down to determine if that is a true statement or false statement.
  2. The other way you can do it is if you're doing it by yourself. You can take your thumb and your index finger, and you hold them together. These can be very, very strong. You can take another finger from the opposite hand, whatever finger you want, but I usually use the other index finger, and then test the statement for truth by attempting to break through the circle formed by the thumb and index finger.

You can test things like, "My name is Peter." Yes, it is. "My name is Sue." No, it isn't. You can test using this process. That's all truth testing is. It's just this really amazingly simple thing.

Like I said earlier, more and more people are starting to understand how our bodies are all connected to the truth of all that is, and you can use your body to sense truth, which makes you strong, or falsehood, which makes you weak. That's it. It is that simple!

You can practice truth testing and get better at this over time. That's what I'm encouraging you to do in the action steps.

Module 10 Action Steps

  1. Catch ego and ask it what it wants, then give it to it. Embrace ego, ask what it wants, what it truly wants, and make sure that you can give ego what it truly wants or ensure ego that it is going to get what it truly wants as long as that is true and healthy for your being.
  2. Practice Truth Testing. Do some truth testing (aka muscle testing) practice by yourself. Just test it on your name or any statement that you want to make. Remember, not questions, but statements. Turn your questions into statements and ask, "Is that statement true or is it false?" Test it out. Try it out. Leave some comments in the notes here. I'd love to hear back from people that attempt truth testing!

Module 10 Resources

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Module 10 Guided Meditation

[NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 11 minutes and 57 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]

Take a deep breath. Make sure you're sitting in your chair. Tune into your body. Tune into your breath. Relax. Let the thoughts of the day, your issues, concern, put them aside for now and just tune in. Where have you been struggling with your ego? Where have you been resisting your ego or fighting your ego or telling your ego, "No"? Find those things in your life where you're struggling with your ego. Instead of resisting, instead of saying no, because, remember, when we say no or we resist, then that thing persists, And then we can say yes, and embrace, then we erase that thing. So, embrace whatever your struggle is with the ego.

Now, give it a big, old bear hug to ego. Just love up ego and ask ego this little child inside you, ask ego what it really wants. What's behind the surface request or the surface activity or struggle that ego's creating? What's behind it? Sense what ego really wants. What ego really wants is what's true for you, what is in your best interest.

Remember what you have learned in this meditation. When we're done here, write it down, and take action. Now come back to your body. Sense your breath again and come back to the present. When you're ready, open your eyes.

I trust this meditation was insightful. Come back as many times as you like to learn more about your ego and what it wants to lead and guide you. Remember to do some truth testing as well. I'll see you in the next module.

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