Focus on Beingness First!

Oct 18, 2018

Welcome back to another week. I keep getting reminded lately of the concept of beingness, over doingness. Since I keep getting reminded of it, I sensed it'd be good to remind you as well. I did a couple blogs on this earlier this year.

The image you see on your screen right now is the model that I walked through for being the best version of yourself. In my original post back in February 2018, I said, and I'll say again, that your beingness flows from your higher power and that is over your doingness. So, it's important that you get your beingness right first before you get focused on doingness.

I keep forgetting this lesson for myself, and I have to relearn it. Sometimes I get so caught up in the doingness that I completely forget about the beingness. It is really a BE, then DO, then HAVE model that I want to reinforce here today.

If you're finding yourself caught up in all the doingness of life and not having enough time for being then flip it on its head, and make sure that you're focused on your beingness first. Choose the time to meditate. Choose the time to focus on your goals. Choose the time for your relationships. Choose the time to workout for yourself and pay attention to your health.

When you get all the beingness components right, i.e. your health, your mental state, and your spiritualness, then you can help others in a much deeper way. Moreover, you can have better relationships because you're going to be well grounded and ready to operate with whatever life throws your way.

So, if you're finding yourself a little stuck and a little lost sometimes, take a break, take a step back, focus on your beingness and focus on who you are becoming because you cannot DO and HAVE the things that you want in life until you BECOME the person that's worthy of those things. So, make sure if you have big goals that you're becoming a big person first!

I trust that this message will help you out on your path to success.  Have a great week!

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