The 5 Key Ingredients to Creating a Clear Vision

Oct 29, 2019

Welcome to module 4 of 12 in this series I'm calling Ignite Your True Purpose which is designed to help you start living the life that you are here at this time and in this place to truly live. In this module, we're going to talk about the five key ingredients of creating a very clear vision, because vision is the starting point of living your true purpose on a daily basis.

"Today My World is God's World"

I'm going to start off this module with another reading from 365 Days of Richer Living (Amazon affiliate link) by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. This book is phenomenal. If you don't have it yet, I highly recommend it. There's a link here so you can pick it up.

Today it says, "Today my world is God's world, and all is well. Our mental attitudes are our most priceless possessions. No material security is actually secure, but the deep issues of our thought can make or unmake us. Like the Psalmists of old, we should realize that our world is of God. Therefore, its essential nature must be good. That which seemingly opposes us in the world can be overcome and dissolved by right thinking if our motives are right. The universe is our field of opportunities. It is the great laboratory in which he who knows the power of mind can work miracles. It says unto us that we can have and become whatever we desire, providing we can establish great ideas within our subjective areas of consciousness. To look out upon our world and expect only good from it is truly spiritual living. Then, security is assured for our own right mental attitudes and will produce it. The intelligence that created us requires our cooperation with the laws of right thinking, based on right motives."

There's so much good stuff in there, all about right thinking and having the right level of consciousness and all that. We're going to talk about the aspects of this reading today as it relates to vision, but we'll get into some of the other aspects of that reading in feature modules, especially when it comes to talking about consciousness.

The Five Key Ingredients of Creating Clarity of Vision

Today we want to focus on the five key ingredients of creating a very clear vision. We're going to cover two of those in detail today and the other three in future modules.

True Purpose Clarity

The first key ingredient is having true purpose clarity, which I've talked about a lot. Actually, in modules 1 and 2, I asked you to meditate on what you're here at this time and in this place to create. You must have clarity on true purpose. Here is a link to a little mini course I put together about finding your true purpose and getting clarity on it. So, that's another resource for you if you are struggling to get clarity on your true purpose.

Value Clarity

The second key ingredient of a clear vision is values clarity. Now, values are closely related to beliefs, and we're going to talk about that today too, but it's what you hold true that helps you create a clear vision.

Beingness Goals Clarity

The third key ingredient of a clear vision is having goals around what I call your beingness, and there are four areas of beingness we're going to cover in module 5:

  1. your spirit
  2. your mind
  3. your body
  4. your emotions

Relationship Goals Clarity

The fourth key ingredient is your relationship goals clarity. And there's actually four areas of relationships we're going to look at as well, in module 6, 7 and 8.

  1. In module 6, we're going to look at your relationships with people. There's three core relationships that we'll go over in detail.
  2. In module 7, we're going to talk about space and time, your relationships with space and
  3. time.
  4. In module 8, we're going to talk about your relationship with money. All of those things we have relationships with and they're either healthy or unhealthy.

We're going to go through all of those types of relationships, over three modules, in a lot of detail. So, relationships is a huge part of having clarity of vision.

Doingness Goals Clarity

The fifth key ingredient, in direct opposition to beingness goals, is doingness goals. There's, go figure, four areas of doingness goals as well that we're going to go over in module 11.

  1. The first of the four areas of doingness goal are what I call foundational doingness. These are things that really establish the foundation from which all other action happens. Foundational doingness are things like:
    1. Meditation (see module 1),
    2. Gratitude (see module 3),
    3. Self care,
    4. Your environment set up and what people are around you,
    5. Your home and how that's set up, and
    6. Maintaining your relationships. We just talked about how important relationships are.
      1. Your relationship with your higher power.
      2. Your relationship with yourself.
      3. Your relationship with other people.
      4. Financial planning and managing money, having that relationship to money.
      5. Time planning, and how you lay out your time and manage it well. 
  2. The second of doingness is your vocation.
  3. The third area of doingness is your avocation or your hobbies.
  4. The fourth area of doingness is contribution. How are you going to give back?

We'll go into all that in module 11.

True Purpose Clarity Details

For today, we want to cover both the clarity around your true purpose and clarity around your values. Let's start with your true purpose. Again, we've talked about that quite a bit so far already in the first couple of modules. I asked you to meditate on that. But I'll add a little more detail here which I also go over in the true purpose mini course in more detail. First, there are two, what I call mega stories, that are blocking us from seeing what our true purpose is. And the first mega story that's in the way of having clarity around your true purpose is what I call the success formula story. You guys all know this story. I've tested this around the world. It's not limited to a particular place or culture. It's a global mega story and everyone buys into it. One of my goals is to get people to look beyond this mega story, because this mega story goes like this; you'll recognize it.

Go to school, get good grades, get a good job, climb the career ladder and retire, and have a family along the way if that's what's up for you.

That is a huge story and there are many, many other pathways to living out your true purpose than going to school, getting good grades, and getting a good job. It's just that this story is the one that most people have bought into. I challenge you to question that story for you. Maybe that's not the right path for you.

The second mega story, or problem, that's in the way of you getting aligned to your true vision and living your true purpose is what I call the career train dilemma.

You've followed this success formula story. You went to school, you got good grades, you got a good job, and now you're in this job on what I call the career train. The problem with the career train is that, as time goes on, it gets faster and faster and builds momentum, and it's super hard to jump off. Most people are afraid to jump off because they think they're going to get hurt.

The career train dilemma is another story that we can look at, unwind and see how do you actually get off the career train and make a transition without getting hurt? Again, check out the mini course where I have a bonus module on the career train.

My True Purpose Story Summary

In summary, my story, throughout my life, has been about creating things and then speaking, writing books, and teaching. I've done a lot of teaching in my job. It was so interesting when I left the last consulting job that I had over the past year and a half or so, actually it was about two years. When I left, people are always very sweet when you leave and it it's time to move on to the next thing, I had all these people say, "Oh, it was so nice working with you. I learned so much from you." I got that comment repeated over and over again from various people. I was like, "That's interesting. I wasn't even trying to teach anything" But I guess it's just how I show up in the world. My beingness is one of a teacher, and that's what I'm here for: to teach and to help people That's why I'm doing this blog and these modules and writing books. That's my story, and I've figured out what my true purpose is by looking at my life story, Again, there's a whole formula for working through this. 

Gloria's Story

You can also have events in your life that are negative patterns that are pointing you towards your true purpose. I have a story in one of my posts about Gloria, who was one of my Uber drivers. She was driving me from Hollywood to LAX, and we got into a great conversation along the way and I was talking about all this stuff that I'm telling you right now. And she said, "Oh, that's why I keep getting fired." And I said, "What do you mean you keep getting fired?" She goes, "I keep getting these corporate jobs, and I keep getting fired because I feel like my true purpose is to work with homeless people." I laughed and said, "Of course that's why you keep getting fired because that's God's way of telling you, "hey, get on and help the homeless people." By the time we got to the airport, I gave her a whole bunch of ideas and things to pursue to actually go tap into her true purpose and live that out, because she just wasn't clear on where to start. It was a great little free coaching she got on the way to the airport!

Values Clarity Details

The second major thing we want to get into in this module is values clarity. We talked in module two about beliefs, and values are closely related to beliefs. They are the feelings, associated beliefs, that you hold true about yourself in the world. They don't need to be static. You can change your values throughout your life as you mature and you grow in consciousness and in maturity. Those things can change. Tony Robbins, who most people know, asserts that there are six core needs that we all need to ascertain or get ahold of at some point in our life:

  1. a need for certainty or comfort
  2. a need for uncertainty or variety
  3. a need for significance
  4. a need for love and connection
  5. a need for growth
  6. a need for contribution

Those are the needs. So, what are the values around getting those needs fulfilled? That's what we want to determine (see action step below).

Module 4 Action Steps

  1. The true purpose action step for this module is to choose time to document your life story and the significant events that have happened, if you haven't already, because I asked you in modules one and two to start doing that. Where were there times in your life where you just felt joy because you're in the flow of the moment? That's where you want to look. Where have you received affirmations from other people about something you did that was great or how you helped them? That's where you want to look. And look for those patterns that are pointing your way to your true purpose because it's really important that you get clarity about your true purpose and declare it. Say, this is what I'm here for, at this time and in this place to create. And then you can live from that space.
  2. The best way to identify your core values, and this is the action step for core values, is to:
    1. Choose time to meditate and to get clear and to write down your values. Write down values that you resonate with in a free form, brainstorming kind of mode. I'm going to go through some of those in the guided meditation here and you can get ideas and maybe jot them down and drop back into the meditation.
    2. Take all those things that resonate with you in terms of values and group them into three to five groupings.
    3. Come up with a word for each group. Like, you value certainty, let's say, or you value timeliness, or whatever those things are for you, and then those become your core values.

Module 4 Resources

  1. Recommended Reading / Blog Posts
    1. BOOK: 365 Days of Richer Living by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker (Amazon affiliate link)
    2. BOOK: The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey (Amazon affiliate link)
    3. BLOG: Finding Your Soul Purpose Through Your Story - this post contains my detailed story
  2. Recommended Resources
    1. Go here for an 88% discount on the mini-course "Discover Your True Purpose Formula"
    2. Go here for a 90% discount on the mini-course "The 9-to-5 Escape Plan System"
    3. Go here to sign up for a Free True Purpose Strategy Coaching Session

Module 4 Guided Meditation

[NOTE: if you are reading this post, it is recommended that you use the post video for the guided meditation. Go to 13 minutes and 53 seconds to begin the guided meditation. The words of the guided meditation are shown below.]

Today's meditation will help you get going on this exercise of identifying your values.  So, for the guided meditation today, let's first relax and close your eyes. Maybe sit back in your chair and get comfortable so that your body is not of concern as you meditate on these values.

Take a deep breath and let the concerns of the day go. I'm going to read some value words slowly, and just see what resonates for you in terms of, "yeah, that's a value that I hold dear." And then jot that down and  you can come back to these later and start to group them up and see what is it that are your core values. Okay, here we go. One word at a time.

Adventure. Contribution. Flow. Love. Joy. Peace. Truth. Integrity. Vitality. Abundance. Generosity. Wisdom. Creativity. Appreciation. Self-reliance. Authenticity. Curiosity. Responsibility. Fearlessness. Loyalty. Enthusiasm. Balance. Responsiveness. Security. Knowledge. Dependability. Achievement. Understanding. Flexibility. Calmness. Commitment. Quality. Empathy. Family. Acceptance. Boldness. Personal development. Professionalism. Leadership. Intuition. Friendships. Health. Recognition. Freedom. Uniqueness. Spirituality. Innovation. Wisdom. Simplicity. Performance. Self-control. Humility. Grace. Optimism. Realism. Originality. Caring. Collaboration. Originality. Credibility. Vision. Selflessness. Warmth. Humor. Wisdom.

Let all those words wash over you, those words of value, and see what resonates for you. There may be other words that I didn't read, and that's okay. Write those down, meditate on those, and ask for guidance: lead me, guide me, show me, give me clarity on my true purpose, on my values, what I hold dear. As you get clear on these first two key ingredients of vision clarity, feel confident in knowing that you have clarity, and then we'll move on next week, in the next module, to looking at goals!

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