PART 2 of How to Sustain Conviction for Your True Purpose

Oct 04, 2018

Welcome back this week. I'm getting the blog out a little bit earlier in the week and getting back on track. I want to spend a little more time this week talking about how to sustain your conviction for living out your true purpose in the face of negativity, criticism, and ridicule which will come up as you start expressing your light. As you shine your light, you challenge others to shine their own light, and sometimes people feel a little intimidated about that. You may get a little push back, and you may get a little negativity Last week I said there are two things that can help you deal with that.

Gratitude - "The Switch" to Turn On the Abundance, Positive Feedback Loop

The first one I said was gratitude, and I spent a lot of time talking about how gratitude is the light switch, if you will, for universal abundance to shine down upon you. It's through expressing gratitude for all the things you have in your life, that your source or higher power will give you more, and it's a constant, positive feedback loop!

Clarity of Vision

This week, the second area that I want to talk about after gratitude, is clarity and vision. There are a couple blogs I did early on in this blog where I talked about clarity vision, and I said your vision starts with your thoughts.

If you aren't clear on what your thoughts are on your vision you're not going to have a very stable reference point for pulling yourself into the future. It's important that you get clarity on your vision, and I actually gave you a process for doing that - starting with the end in mind.

Starting with the End in Mind

Let's say you're 100 years old, if you intend to live that long or however long you intend to live, and you're having a life celebration party. You've invited all your friends and people that love you and they pass around the mic. They talk about who you are and what you've contributed to them and what you've contributed to the world. What do you want them to say? Put some energy and some time in this week into thinking about that. If you had people talking about you and giving you a life celebration party what would they say?

Your Vision is a Guiding Light When the Going Gets Rough

Here's the important part - write it down because if you don't write this stuff down, it's not really real. When you write it down now, it can be this vision that you can hold out as a guiding light for you, not only for other people but for you in your life, something that's a reference point that you can come back to and remember why you're doing what you do.

I want to encourage you to not only write it down but put it next to your bed and read it before you go to bed. Put it in your bathroom and read it while you're getting ready in the morning. Put it next to your desk or at your place of work, and read it throughout the day. Put it on your smart phone and pull it up when you're waiting in line somewhere. Finally, one of my favorites, record it so that you can listen to it when you're driving or doing chores.

My vision statement actually is kind of long,. Recorded, it's about seven or eight minutes, but I've covered everything that I want to create and everything that I want people to say about me at my life celebration party. If you really put the right amount of energy and intentionality into this exercise, yours will be that long too. Think about all the things you want to be, the things you want to do, the things that you want to have, and the things that you want to create. In other posts throughout the year I've talked about vision categories, dealing with your beingness, your relationships, your vocation, your avocation, your lifestyle, your contribution, and your relationship to time and money, all those kinds of things.

What is it that you want to create in this lifetime as your vision for you, for your family, and for the world? Write it down, record it, listen to it, hold it out as a guiding light that gives you some stability in the face of criticism and ridicule so you can maintain your conviction for your true purpose. Try that out, leave me a comment, let me know how it goes, and we'll talk to you next week.


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