Ego or Intuition? Which one is guiding you?

Jun 21, 2018

Okay, welcome back. This week, I'm going full on video, and I want to talk about who's making the decisions in your life, your ego, or your intuition? So, let's define ego and intuition.


From my perspective, intuition is divine guidance. Whatever that means for you, whether that's God or your guardian angel or the force or whatever it is for you. What is your divine guidance system that helps you make decisions?


And your ego is that part of yourself, that part of your mind, that actually separates you from your divine guidance. So, ego guidance is not so good.

Examples of Ego and Intuition Guidance

Let me give you some examples. Last week, I took a week off to go sailing. I was down on the Texas coast, and I was having a good time. However, on day one, I had a couple of intuitive inputs that said I really should have stopped for the day. Number one, I was having a hard time keeping my sails up. Number two, the jam cleat for the main sheet on my boat was failing, and I should have stopped and repaired it, but I kept pushing it on because my ego wanted me to get to a certain location by a certain time. As I pushed on harder and harder because my ego was driving me, eventually I made mistake. I fell off my boat, and, ultimately, capsized it in the middle of one of the inter-coastal channels. It took me about five hours to recover from that whole ordeal! So, when I reflected on that experience, I thought, "Hmmm. I had a couple signs along the way that said I should have stopped for the night, but I didn't."

Later on in the week, as I was sailing at a pretty fast rate, about eight, nine, almost ten knots, which is pretty fast in sailboat terms. I was approaching a narrow passageway called South Pass, and I knew that South Pass had some very shallow spots in it. If I didn't slow down the boat, I had the potential to do some damage to the boat or kick up my rudder going at a high speed causing a very dangerous situation, and maybe I would've flipped the boat again in mre shallower water than the last time. It would've been harder to get it going again. So, I eased off the sails and slowed down. Sure enough, about two minutes later I hit a shallow spot, and my rudder kicked up, but I was only going about three knots. So, it wasn't a big deal, but if I wouldn't have listened to that inner, intuitive guidance and slowed down, I could've had another pretty major issue on my hands. I'm glad I listened to my intuition on Friday when I wasn't listening to my intuition on Monday. I would've been better off listening to my intuition on Monday.

Guidance Assignment

So, the assignment for you this week, then, is be attentive to those times when you're feeling stressed out in life or a decision needs to be made, and then tune in to see who's making that decision or guiding you. Is it your ego that's pushing you forward and driving you to make potentially bad decisions. Or, are you taking the time to relax, maybe pray or meditate if that's what you do, and ask for divine guidance and get that input you need to make the optimum decisions to move forward to whatever's next in your life?

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